Before you start...

You will need item codes and SKUs for all products & services that are involved in the sales, purchasing, processing, and shipment of product.


  • Raw Product Item Code: 3ALF - 3rd Cutting Alfalfa

  • Processed Product Item Code: ALFSLV - Compressed Alfalfa in Sleeve

  • Purchasing Commission item code: PCOMM - Commission

  • Service Item codes for flatbed delivery to the processing facility from various areas & regions: BASIN2EBURG - Basin to Ellensburg

  • Service Item code for pressing the product: SLVPRESS - Press into Sleeve

  • Service Item codes for container delivery to the receiving port: EBURG2SEA - Ellensburg to Seattle

  • SKU: A123 - Grower "A" Stack 123

  • Thus: SKU A123 which is received via BASIN2EBURG, commissioned via PCOMM, transformed from 3ALF to ALFSLV via SLVPRESS, and shipped via EBURG2SEA

Basic Functions:

  1. What am I selling? Enter a Sales Order or Quick Sale

  2. Is there an Ocean/Rail booking? Enter a New Booking

  3. What am I buying? Enter a Purchase Contract or record

  4. What work am I doing? Work Order Scheduler or Work Order

  5. Receiving Inventory? Receive Inventory and Inventory Basics and Traceability See the Kiosk page for self-service options.

  6. Moving Inventory? Move Inventory or Move to another SKU

  7. Shipping Inventory? Ship Cargo or Move Cargo to another Shipment

  8. Wrap up & Validate. Complete and Finalize a Booking

  9. Send an Invoice. Create Invoices

  10. Send Documents. Prepare Documentation

Other Scenarios

Other Scenarios (coming soon):

  • Transfer inventory via truck to another location (use work orders)

  • Add work orders to an invoice (create invoice from sales order)

  • Kick-out bales where SKU is known (use a location)

  • Kick-out bales where SKU is not known (transfer to a kick-out SKU)

  • Selling chaff