Install ShipperXL Kiosk

NOTE: These instructions are intended for knowledgeable IT staff.

Setting up the hardware

See our Hardware and Supplies page for recommended products.

  1. If you are going to use cameras, set those up first.

  2. Assemble the stand

  3. Assemble the barcode reader

  4. Plug in the scale's serial cable (may require a special adapter)

  5. Plug in the barcode reader, and the power

  6. Power up the tablet

  7. Connect it to your network (WiFi, etc)

  8. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or FoxIT PDF Reader. Set as default for PDFs.

  9. Connect/configure the label printer. Make sure and name it "labels".

  10. Connect/configure the standard printer. Make sure it is set as default.

  11. Configure the barcode reader

Configuring your Scale

First you'll need to set up the Scale in ShipperXL

  1. See Adding Scales for information on how to do this. You will need to know the COM port that is attached to the scale's serial cable.

  2. On the Scales screen, you'll see a ScaleId column. You will need his number for the scale you want to configure.

Installing the Kiosk Software

Scale Service talks to the physical scale using a serial/com port.

  1. Download

  2. If .NET 5.0 is not already installed, you will be prompted to install. Install both the "Hosting Bundle" (ASP.NET Core Runtime) and the ".NET Desktop" versions.

  3. You will need your DATABASE code, a LICENSE key, and the Scale Id.

  4. If you see a "Loading..." screen and it just goes away, then you need to launch the application "As Administrator" the first time only. It just needs to register the service name.

Operating the Kiosk

  1. see ShipperXl Scale Kiosk


  1. Testing version: