Hardware and Supplies

These are our recommended hardware solutions to accompany ShipperXL.

Desktop Barcode Printer

These are used to print inventory tags:

  1. Zebra 282P-101510-000 Barcode Label Printer (TLP2824) [configuration]

  2. Zebra Z-Select 4000T - 2.25" x 4" Thermal transfer paper label

  3. Zebra 800132-102 Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Due to supply chain issues, here is another option:

  1. Zebra ZD42042-T01000EZ Barcode Label Printer (ZD420t)
    Note: this printer is larger than the TLP2824 and slightly more expensive to operate.

  2. Zebra Z-Select 4000T - 4" x 2" Thermal Transfer Paper Label

  3. Zebra 05095BK11030-R Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Desktop Barcode Scanner

For any desktop or laptop computer that will regularly scan out inventory tags or work orders:

  1. Zebra/Motorola/Symbol LS2208 [configuration sheet]

Mobile Scanners

The ShipperXL mobile app does not require any special hardware, but if you find that scanning barcodes with the device camera is too slow or ineffective, try one of the following options:

  1. Zebra TC26 - All-in-one Android Phone and barcode scanner. For faster scanning.

  2. Wasp WWS110i - Bluetooth barcode reader for cell phones (an alternative to using the device camera for scanning)

Scale Kiosk

This allows for self-service usage of the scale by trusted drivers and employees, which also optionally capturing images of your scale from a network camera. You can buy and configure these components, or you can buy from us pre-configured (sales@hurkin.com):

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro [configuration]

  2. Zebra/Motorola/Symbol LS2208 [configuration sheet]

  3. CTA Digital Anti-Theft Security Grip & Stand

  4. Serial Cable Adapter (to connect to scale head via Serial Cable)
    Note: you can
    contact your scale service about this feature.

  5. Micro USB Adapter

  6. A regular letter-size laser printer of your choice.

Scale Cameras & Hardware

If you desire, you can configure the scale terminal to copy pictures from cameras pointed at your scale. To do this, you will need to mount the cameras on poles at each end of the scale where you have available power and WiFi connectivity.

  1. Amcrest UltraHD 5MP Outdoor Camera

  2. Coming Soon! A readerboard + RFID tag solution that makes the scale experience even faster and more reliable.