User Accounts

PART 1: Anyone may self-register as follows:

  1. The user clicks “Register New User” (

  2. User enters their information, including user name, email address, alias, password, etc. The user should choose "ShipperXL" and enter your database code.

  3. The user is sent a validation email, with a link they must click before they can log in to any system.

  4. If a database code is provided in step 2, the owners of that database will be notified of the request and provided a link to manage the user so they can grant the user access to one or more roles.

PART 2: Don't forget this part

  1. Once the user is granted access to a role in your database, they will receive an “Access Granted” email.

  2. When the user first logs into Shipper a Party record is created automatically. Make sure to update the "related parties" for access to appropriate data.

  3. See the article on Shipper Licensing to learn more about how user access is licensed.

Important Note!

The user will have access to all records for the company you select. If you add them to the primary company record, they'll have access to everything. For vendors, customers, and other business parties you'll typically add them to the record for their own company and they will only have access to data that applies to them.

Below is an example of a user/individual party record as reference.


If you receive an error like "You do not have permission to Shipment XXXXXX because your user account is not affiliated with this record in any way." then you need to make sure that your user account is associated either with a shipper, forwarder, or the default company.